Natalie Rose: "Better Off Without You" (2016). New Official Music Video.

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Like that first warm breeze from the south that let’s you know Spring is coming after a hard Winter, Natalie Rose’s voice carries the promise of lifted spirits and better days ahead.


There’s been some debate as  to

whether she could ride a horse before she could walk or sing before she could talk, but it’s safe to say there never was much time wasted. Natalie has never believed in limitations or done things according to other people’s timelines.


Whether riding cutting horses from the age of four, to talking her way onto a stage to sing with a band at about the same time, her bravery, determination, and focus have kept her focused on a path towards success that’s unstoppable.  


Natalie’s capacity to love and nurture has always been there, from her horses and pets (both domestic and wild) to her big extended family (both domestic and wild).


Being a role model for younger girls might seem like an unwanted chore to her peers but Natalie cherishes the opportunity and takes it very seriously. Her charity appearances as Elsa from FROZEN are a big hit and warm the hearts of everyone involved.


"I've looked up to Martina McBride my entire life, and I would love to be able to give other girls that "big sister" vibe, the way she did for me. I hope to be that person in a young girl's life."


She’s an advocate against bullying and loves nothing more than sharing her experiences and beliefs to help children find the strength and determination to improve their own lives.


Country music has always been her favorite because the best songs are usually heartfelt stories, and she believes that close and personal communication is vital in this world.


Hard work and long hours are normal for Natalie. She still has the “small Texas town” work ethic she was born with. Touring the state with her exceptional band isn’t too different from hitting the rodeo circuit with her parents as a small child.

Meeting new people, entertaining, and touching hearts make it all worthwhile, and she is always ready to perform at the highest level.


Despite an already enviable track record in the music business, Natalie refuses to accept that there’s any limit to what she can accomplish. Every instrument is worth learning because the more she understands the tools of her trade, the better she’ll be able to convey her ideas and tell her stories.


Influenced by her favorites from every era of country music, Natalie somehow manages to deliver the kind of high-energy show people expect these days while maintaining an intimate connection with audiences of all ages.


She’s more than able to cover the latest hit, yet in the next song bring tears with a truly heartfelt rendition of a classic by one of the past greats. And she brings this range and reverence to her original songs, too. There’s something for everyone, which is a rare gift. 


Natalie Rose clearly respects the heritage of country music, while striving to be a big part of its future. One listen to her new EP “Promise Me Beautiful”, produced by Ray Benson at Bismeaux Studio in Austin TX, will be proof of that.


With the singles “Lonely Home” and “Shivers” charting high already, she is fast becoming known as the most promising new country singer in a long while.


That would be good enough for most, but not for an artist with the experience, ability, and determination of Natalie Rose.