Kylie Adams-Collier: "Sweet Dreams 'til Morning" (2016). New Album.

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Kylie Adams-Collier ( born Kylie Una Adams ) began writing songs on her mother's piano at the age of five. According to her older brother, Kylie often sang loud operatic notes as she brushed her doll's hair. 


Growing up in  Bellingen ( northern NSW, Australia), Kylie was fortunate enough to live in a household of music. Her mother, Gillian Adams has an eclectic range of music from blues, country, folk, rock and jazz and hosted a Blues and jazz program on 2BBBfm Bellingen for over 25 years. 


Her mother's passion for music was passed down to her children. Kylie grew up with her family singing folk songs around the table. She learned how to harmonize with her sisters. Her introduction to live music came when she would sneak into the Federal Hotel lounge and watch the bands as he mother ran the Hotel bistro. 


Bellingen is a creative town and very proactive when it comes to music and the arts. Kylie was inspired to follow her dreams from an early age. She would often perform plays and songs at the local community centre which was a melting pot of creativity and a meeting place for "new settlers" in town. 


Kylie sang the leading roles in school musicals and decided that being on the stage was her calling.


Meanwhile, she followed her mother's footsteps and hosted her own radio show on 2bbbfm. Here the indpendant artist music world opened up as Kylie discovered like minded artists on vinyl. 


Kylie pursued a career in radio over a few years, exploring different musical styles and learning from it. She undertook internships with 2CHYfm, 2bbbfm and JJJfMm. Kylie recorded a jingle for Roy and HJ for This Sporting Life ( Ashley Mallet's Weather) which was aired on the ABC every week for many years.


Kylie worked under Simon Marnie at FBI radio when the Sydney community radio station was test broadcasting. She volunteered a s a librarian and set up an outdoor broadcast for Bondi Fringe Festival. Kylie is now hosting Country Folk Around Australia through the Community Radio Network. 


Now, back to the story... In Sydney to study fine art, Kylie began writing songs on an acoustic guitar that her sister had given her for her eighteenth birthday. She sang with a rowdy country band called the " Willows" with Paul Hayward, Greg Morrow, Peter Kelly and Bruce Begley. kylie played at the legendary Sandringham Hotel in her early singing years. Home to many rising independent artists.


Bruce Begley took Kylie under his wing as his popular band, the Honeys folded. 


Bruce asked singers to record his songs with his new band " The Snow Leopards".


It featured Andrea Croft ( The Honeys), Lisa Partington ( THe Rosemaries), Greg Atkinson ( Big Heavy Stuff) and Kylie singing country pop tracks. Peter Kelly ( Disneyfist) Peter Kelly ( Vanilla Chainsaws) James Lockett, Paul Nagel and Andrew Ingram were the band line up along with Bruce.


The snow Leopards recorded two albums with Waterfront records which led to a national tour, JJJfm play listing Snow Leopard songs and a live at the wireless on JJJfm. Kylie's " Oh Johnnie "  video clip was played on ABC tv's Rage.


The Snow Leopards were also included on Roo Art's Young Blood Compilation CD. This led to the Snow Leopards touring with the Fauves, The Clouds, The Welcome Mat and more (popular independant bands in the 90's). 


The Snow Leopards reaches the Top 10 in the Alternative Aria charts.