Kelley Ray King: "Sunshine To Moonshine" (2016). New Album.

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Kelley Ray King says: "My music is about real events that has happened to me or someone I know. There is an even mix of sad, happy, slow and faster paced songs on the album.


My album was recorded at Johnson Brothers Studio in Covington Georgia, the Producer is John Johnson who also did vocals and played keys on the album. Daniel Addison played all the guitar parts including lead, rhythm, bass and mandolin. Rhett Johnson played steel, dobro and banjo on the album. George Sandler played all percussion parts.


The musicians on the album really represented my guitar voice demos as well as I could have wanted. They were all really great players and people too.


My music has been compared to George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Roger Miller, and a few more older artist. I do like the older traditional sounds and have been influenced by a wide variety of music from Rock, Country, Classical, Bluegrass, and Blues. I really like singer/songwriter/players".