Braden Baugh: "Braden Baugh" (2016). New EP.

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Debut EP with all original songs that use old school country feel with the perspective and energy of a young new artist.


Braden Baugh was born in Music City, but he's no "Nashville" artist. His sound can't be pinned down to any one place or time. In his debut self-titled EP, the 22 year-old demonstrates the story-telling ability of a seasoned pro, his resonant tenor voice laying out powerful imagery and devilishly clever hooks. "Hope You Like Me" serves as the rookie songwriter's anthem, paying respects to the country legends who inspire him, and to the honky tonk itself.


The remaining tracks on his EP are all very different, yet equally satisfying. Young or old, contemporary or classic, one thing is certain: Baugh's sound is sure to please the crowd.