Tyler Nail: "Under Evergreens" (2016). New Album.

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Tyler Nail is a native of Winston-Salem, NC. He began drumming at a young age, and discovered an appreciation for writing. He got a guitar at age 16 and started writing songs. 


He spent a few years recording demos and playing small shows near my hometown. 


When he started working with John, he got him started on recording engineering and production. Since then he´s developed those ends of my career, as well as written a lot of songs and dabbled in other forms of composition, like video, photography and journalism.


He also front his road band, The Tyler Nail Trio , and he´s a member of Grace & Nails  

He´s released a bunch of albums, managed various collaborative projects in Winston-Salem, and he´s acted as an engineer and session musician on numerous recording projects, a new cololaboration with Molly Grace.


The Tyler Nail Trio was formed as an extension of Tyler Nail's work as a solo artist. Tyler Nail is the lead singer and guitar player, supported by Johnathan Loos also on vocals and guitar and Quique Rodriguez-Pastor on bass.


The group has an energy and richness that can be accredited to their traditional Appalachian influence, but also a literary poeticism and an ever-changing sound and genre association, making them one of todays premier indi-folk bands.